Q: How is Xapa good for my company?

Xapa is designed to let employees privately manage and seek their own growth and self-improvement. Xapa allows teams to quest and grow together. Employers who deploy Xapa believe that enriched, happy and healthy employees power a more successful culture and customer experience.

At the same time, Xapa gives company leaders tools to communicate with employees, check their mood or “pulse,” to detect otherwise invisible trends in workforce attitudes, and deploy people-centric programs to promote company engagement and alignment.  We believe a company cannot build, buy or bequeath more affordable and effective personal growth than Xapa World.

Xapa complements in-person learning programs, and replaces boring, expensive and outdated legacy content with cost-effective and fun experiences for everyone. The most junior employee now has access to the coaching, training and mentoring that used to be reserved for the C-suite.

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