Q: What does Xapa do with the data it collects?

You control your data. Xapa does not loan, sell or profiteer with it. Most importantly, if your Xapa is part of an enterprise initiative, please note that your employer cannot see your individual data, who’s in your Xircles, how you answer specific questions, what Xperiences you take, or any other information unique to you.

Xapa’s algorithms use your data to understand what topics are of interest to you, to track your progress through the game, and to guide you to relevant Xperiences. However, unlike many platforms, Xapa is not an echo chamber where you’re only fed more of what you like and agree with. That’s no way to grow. Xapa believes that a healthy human is a balanced one, so we continually offer you opportunities to round out all aspects of you to help you live your best life.

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