About XAPA

Xapa is the world’s only personal enrichment engine. Xapa is a gamified library of the world’s wisdom, disguised as an app, that plays like an adventure, engages like a life coach, and enriches like a private mentor.

We convened a team of global experts in human enrichment, tech and gaming to bring Xapa to life and forge its permanent place in the world of personal enrichment. We seek to gamify nearly the entire body of field-tested and worthwhile life wisdom into a fun, engaging and deeply rewarding app that’s accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Without exception, the people creating Xapa—our founders, investors, animators, programmers, writers, even volunteers—believe that conscious leaders must make business a force for good in the world. That starts with each of us, employees or not, deciding to live deliberate, kind and impactful lives of purpose and meaning. That’s harder than it sounds. But you’re in the right place, because Xapa makes it easy to get filthy enriched.™

We’re confident that Xapa can help lift millions from the prison of unenlightened, narrow, negative existence to be agents of change in their own lives. That’s why we’re making Xapa free to anyone with a smartphone and a desire for enrichment. Xapa sees value in the unique contributions residing in every human soul—hungry to be extracted, recognized and affirmed.