Enrichment requires them all.

Everything you see in Xapa is something you’ve never seen before.

Xapa is built from scratch by a small army of growth & development experts, supported by a not-so-small army of award-winning writers from film & television and other disciplines. Our goal is to Xapify the entirety of human enrichment into small, nutritious, snackable Quests that make serious demands on the Essential Eight facets of your being.

Everything you are is present in these facets. These Essential Eight must all be summoned, by you, to arrive fully present, to be prepared to learn and willing to change, to get filthy enriched.™

The social you

must be adept at building relationships and resolving issues that naturally arise. These can almost always be traced to a failure or misunderstanding in communication and relationship skills. In Xapa World, the social you will learn about essential skills like active listening, verbal and nonverbal signals, trust, boundary setting, asking for what you need and more.

The physical you

is the package that makes everything else “you” possible. There is a tight and inevitable mind-body connection. In Xapa, you learn to listen to the signals from your body and use your mind to control your responses. Whatever you’ve neglected so far with your health and exercise, Xapa will all but demand newfound attention. The physical you is more than cardio, sleep, nutrition, and hygiene, although they’re important too. Unexpected topics you’ll cover are volunteerism, activism, hobbies, and travel, which are all good for the physical you.

The emotional you

hinges on your ongoing practices that build self-awareness, self-regulation, and, believe it or not, willingness to simply ask for help. This emotional facet of your being is likely both most familiar and least understood. Xapa challenges the complex emotional you with new ways to think about triggers, old wounds, work stress, impulse management, self-care, resilience, self-kindness and gratitude.

The intellectual you

should be routinely practiced, challenged, tested and exercised, with particular emphasis on topics that at first don’t seem to be constituent parts of the intellectual you. Like attentiveness, humility, autonomy, courage, growth mindset, truth detection and fairness. Xapa corrals these seemingly unrelated concepts to make the intellectual you … think.

The environmental you

may be undergoing big climate changes of its own. The environmental you sets yourself up for success by arranging your environment to create the outcomes you most desire, and revolves around the creation, conservation, and restoration of all the other facets of your being. Learn to provide the fertile soil, time and space for your true being to grow deep, abiding roots in your community—your environment.

The professional you

probably consumes much of your time and energy. It should complement, not deplete or compete with, the other facets of your being. Learn leadership, boundary setting, influence, time management, how to say no, collaboration, and ways to bring your work-life into balance and harmony. You can’t be the best you at work if you aren’t happy at home, and vice versa.

The spiritual you

is not to be confused with the faithful you or religious you, though it can happily coexist next to either or both. The spiritual you, in its mature form, employs specific patterns, beliefs and disciplines—like meditation, intentions, gratitude and compassion —to support more publicly visible outcomes, like philanthropy, stewardship and peacemaking.

The financial you

must learn to trade financial ignorance and avoidance for planning, budgeting and risk management. This is the one concrete, touchable facet of your being. You cannot measure wellbeing, character or happiness in financial currencies, yet financial literacy leads to greater wellness, happiness and freedom. Benefits that—you guessed it—money can’t buy.

Nobody sees your personal Xapa data except you. Ever.

In Xapa World, you are not the product. We don’t sell your data. You control your data. You decide whom, if anyone, to share it with.