Real Facts & FAQs

Xapa is a personal enrichment engine. It will help you identify self-defeating patterns and deconstruct them, then build new healthy habits for resilience, growth-mindset, positivity, gratitude, stress management and more. Xapa is how you get filthy enriched.™
This is important: No. In Xapa World we encourage you to care about what’s going on inside, not outside, yourself and others. You can make your avatar 100% inner you, reflecting your current mood, your strengths, your personality, your achievements and your values. But you can’t make your avatar young or old, short or tall, fat or thin, or possess other external features like that. They’re irrelevant to understanding who you are on the inside, which is what Xapa is all about. Most of us want the same things—to give and feel love and compassion, to be encouraged and championed, to be safe in our physical bodies and emotional souls, to convey pride in our accomplishments and confidence in ourselves—things that no one could know from outward appearances alone, in Xapa World or anywhere else. That’s why your avatar will be like, but not look like, you.  
Your real-life zip code tells us where you live physically; it might also reflect social status or even reveal a bit about how you see yourself. But in Xapa World, your XIP code (Xapa InterPersonal code) is not about your geography but about your philosophy. Your Xapa XIP code is where you live emotionally, intellectually and psychologically. Your XIP code tells others about your personality type, your communications style, your appreciation language, your strengths and values, all the things that make you … you. As with all things in Xapa, you own your data. If you decide to exchange XIP codes with others, you’ll also get XIP tips – keys to unlocking deep, meaningful relationships.
Xaps are messages of positivity, encouragement and support to send, at a time and to a person of your choosing. Unlike a meme or an emoji, Xaps use your personalized avatar animated to convey your real emotions— expressions of joy, motivation, caring or other forms of support and love. You can include a gift of Xapa points, and in time you’ll be able to attach real-life gifts to your Xaps, too.
Xperiences are the summation of Quests and Journeys. A Journey is made up of a sequence of Quests. When you complete all the questions in a Journey, you get extra points. Both Journeys and Quests are Xapa Xperiences, and you can browse or search the Xperiences portal for what you need.
Quests are the steps in a Journey, written and built exclusively for Xapa users. Each Quest addresses a specific learning opportunity, problem or difficulty we encounter in our professional or personal lives, and ways to think about dealing with them. Every Quest challenges you to think more calmly, democratically, broadly and positively when faced with a dilemma. With each Quest you complete, you add another milestone on your journey of personal enrichment. When you complete all the Quests in a Journey, you collect bonus points.
Xapa is in private beta testing with a select group of companies and consumers, and by invitation. If you’d like to be considered or put on the waiting list, please register here.
Xapa partners with a variety of authors and experts to Xapify the world’s wisdom. We don’t try to present the one “right” way to any particular goal, but instead provide an ever-growing variety of paths to explore. A studied circumspection of ideas will renew, reinvigorate and reinforce the skills and habits that lead to an enriched life. So we present an ever-broadening array of authors, speakers, podcasters, thinkers, lecturers and leaders to enrich your life and the world.
Xapa is about the joy of exploring lessons that lead to your own personal and professional enrichment. Though the number of unique-to-you paths through the game is bumping infinity, there are, broadly speaking, two ways to use Xapa. One way is when your need is specific, or urgent, or both. Let’s say you’re having a here-it-comes-meltdown problem, right now. You’ve got what feels like a marginally manageable conflict with a dear friend or trusted colleague. Open Xapa (selfishly note your game progress) and take six minutes for the Get Curious Not Furious Xperience, by Dr Neha Sangwan. Teaching a surprisingly simple technique, Dr Neha can help you divert the adrenaline of your anger into an unexpected and often mind-bending learning experience. The other way to play, not instead of but in addition to the first, is simply to play. Wander the world. Explore. Help others. Power-up your personal powers. You can’t go wrong. There’s more to discover than you’ll ever uncover. As you explore your own personal Xapa experience, whether a serious gamer or a curious traveler, you’ll roam a literal world of wisdom as told through hundreds of storied Quests. As the rewards grow greater, so do the challenges. Not the typical game challenge where you vanquish through brute strength or strategic cunning, but rather an internal challenge: Do you have the courage it takes to look inward? Can you become the very best version of yourself? Can you get filthy enriched™ across all eight facets of your life? Then take what you’ve learned to go even further and enrich the world? Toward that end, there’s a company of characters in town that can help. You can’t escape Xapa World’s interesting population, a menagerie of characters—part toon, part animal, part machine—in whose fantastical faces you’re certain to see people you know very well, including perhaps (spoiler) yourself. As you play your way along, with or without a given character’s help, you level-up in the game. More to the point, you level-up your life skills, too.
The founders of Xapa and many of its experts and advisors are graduates of the Conscious Business Leaders Academy. We not only believe in the principles of Conscious Capitalism, we have built them into the DNA of the Xapa World company. We believe that business must be a force for good in people’s lives and the world, and we put customer, employee, supplier and community wellbeing at the same level of importance as shareholders.
No. But sorta. We built Xapa to be everything but traditional, negative, algorithm-laced social media. Still, Xapa helps you deeply engage friends and colleagues in healthy, enriching, social ways. So in that sense, yes, Xapa has a social component. Examples: You can create or join Xircles and interact in a modern feed. Your home’s TV screen gives you a consolidated Joy Feed filled with content to uplift and inspire you. You can also Xap people with positivity. But unlike social media, provocative half-truths and hidden agendas that catastrophize news are not welcome in Xapa. You’re encouraged to post and comment, because we want our community to be supportive and constructive. It can be a place for civilized debate and discourse, but not hatred or vitriol. TIme spent in Xapa makes you feel better about yourself and the world. Xapa actually, literally, makes you and the world better. Remember what Xapa means in Greek: Joy.
You control your data. Xapa does not loan, sell or profiteer with it. Most importantly, if your Xapa is part of an enterprise initiative, please note that your employer cannot see your individual data, who’s in your Xircles, how you answer specific questions, what Xperiences you take, or any other information unique to you. Xapa’s algorithms use your data to understand what topics are of interest to you, to track your progress through the game, and to guide you to relevant Xperiences. However, unlike many platforms, Xapa is not an echo chamber where you’re only fed more of what you like and agree with. That’s no way to grow. Xapa believes that a healthy human is a balanced one, so we continually offer you opportunities to round out all aspects of you to help you live your best life.
Xircles are private communities you make within Xapa. You can create your own Xircles just for friends, colleagues, family members, or any combination! Companies can create a private Xircle for the whole company, or for each function, project or initiative. Public Xircles allow people questing towards the same goals—like resilience, positivity, stress management or leadership—to help and learn from each other.
As you explore Xapa World, you explore yourself and humanity at large. Each character you meet in Xapa plays a distinct role, and most represent an aspect of ourselves, others or society as a whole. Click here to learn about characters you may meet in Xapa World, and the fun ways they can help us learn more about ourselves and others—the key to living a fully enriched life. As you progress in Xapa World you’ll meet more and more of these unique characters.
You can use them to unlock content you need for progress. You can use them to send Xaps, or to send points to others for these same purposes. As you gain points, you’ll level-up your status. Eventually you’ll be able to use points for home and avatar customizations or even enter into special, secret areas of Xapa World.
Yes! As you level-up and gain status you’ll earn ways to customize your house and … well, it’s a surprise!
When you reach higher levels of status in Xapa World by earning points with Quests and Journeys and expanding your Xircles, you’ll earn exciting ways to evolve your avatar.
Yes. In the beginning Xapa is lightly multiplayer but this capability will enhance over time. You can make your Xapa World just you, or family-wide, or company-wide, or even world-wide. Initially this is accomplished primarily through Xaps, XIP codes and Xircles. Soon Xapa will be massively multiplayer where evolving leagues of users will be able to go on Quests together, in real time, and much more.
Yes. At first you’ll be limited to visiting only the front porches of other players’ houses. But soon, as more multiplayer features come online, you’ll be able to invite visitors into any room inside your house, or you into theirs. It won’t be long until Xapa World feels pretty much like home for pretty much everyone.
Only those you choose.
Sharing XIP codes is an important way to unlock and deepen personal and professional relationships in Xapa World. When someone reveals their XIP code to you—keep in mind that a XIP is not about where you are in the world, but who you are in your humanness—you’ll get XIP Tips tailored to that person. XIP Tips give you recommendations for how best to communicate, influence, appreciate, motivate and relate to that specific individual, based on how your XIP code and theirs match up. Examples: Need to pitch an idea to your boss? Her XIP code will tell you whether to lead with data or vision. Need to motivate an employee or family member? His XIP code will help you understand what motivates him and, better yet, precisely how to show your appreciation afterwards. XIP codes even put the names of your colleague’s spouse and kids and pets, plus their hobbies and music and food preferences, right at your fingertips.
Life isn’t all giggles and good times, and neither is Xapa. Instead, Xapa teaches players how to recognize and usefully experience the full range of human emotions, including anger, anxiety, insecurity, aggression, conflict and loneliness. Xapa helps users process these complex emotions in a constructive way to grow and, above all, learn from them. With Xapa’s many tools and experiences, players develop honest methods of self-assessment, learn to cultivate resilience, feed a growth mindset and practice an unending state of gratitude—principles time-tested across eons for moving through life and all the emotions it’s sure to bring, in a healthy way.
How you choose to present yourself, and the data you want to share, may be different at home, or work, at play or on the town. For example, your avatar might reflect your introverted mood at work by donning headphones, while you may choose a teddy-bear skin and pineapple hat for family, then opt for an astronaut outfit with friends. It’s entirely up to you and you can change them on the fly. You can even choose to be recognized in some Xircles but be absolutely anonymous in others. You’re not always the same you, are you? Let your avatar say so.
You’ll find your joy feed on any screen you pick in Xapa.  It’s comprised of content curated from Xapa and your Xircles. Your joy feed will keep you informed and inspired. But it’ll never let you feel lonely, left out or inadequate.
You own your data in Xapa. Employers don’t see what you do, think, feel or say unless you allow it. You’ll know whether your employer has purchased an enterprise license for you because the office on the town map will show the company logo. If that’s the case, your employer can send a “pulse check” through the company Xircle to see aggregated trend data on a dashboard. For example, a company can learn that 15% of their employees took a burnout Quest last month, but they can’t know whether you or any specific employee did. Or they can poll to know that 20% of their employees feel frustrated. But they can’t know that you are frustrated. All Xapa data is anonymized and aggregated such that no individual or personal data is shared with your boss.
Xapa is designed to let employees privately manage and seek their own growth and self-improvement. Xapa allows teams to quest and grow together. Employers who deploy Xapa believe that enriched, happy and healthy employees power a more successful culture and customer experience. At the same time, Xapa gives company leaders tools to communicate with employees, check their mood or “pulse,” to detect otherwise invisible trends in workforce attitudes, and deploy people-centric programs to promote company engagement and alignment.  We believe a company cannot build, buy or bequeath more affordable and effective personal growth than Xapa World. Xapa complements in-person learning programs, and replaces boring, expensive and outdated legacy content with cost-effective and fun experiences for everyone. The most junior employee now has access to the coaching, training and mentoring that used to be reserved for the C-suite.
An enterprise license unlocks features not available in the free tier, including: monthly points to unlock paid content; a private branded office building for employee message boards, content and engagement; dashboards for aggregated trend data; customized Quests for company culture, mission, vision, values and more; unlimited Xircles and sizes; regular employee “pulse checks” ; and career-based Quest recommendations for unique workforce opportunities, with much more in development.
Yes! Xapa’s mission is to help everyone, everywhere, get filthy enriched™. We offer free tiers for both enterprise users and individual players.
You get filthy enriched™. Plus exclusive ways to earn special recognition, unlimited numbers of Xircles, unlimited sizes of Xircles, special outfits, extra points each month, and double points for your activities to unlock more content and more activities even faster. But right now, it’s free for everyone. You can’t pay even if you want to, because we’re still fine-tuning and building a complete Xapa World experience.
You’re limited in the size and number of Xircles. You aren’t provided a pile of points each month to unlock content and experiences—you have to earn them. Though it’s not currently the case, ultimately there may be places within Xapa reserved only for members of the paid membership tier.