Q: Can my avatar look like me?

This is important: No.

In Xapa World we encourage you to care about what’s going on inside, not outside, yourself and others. You can make your avatar 100% inner you, reflecting your current mood, your strengths, your personality, your achievements and your values. But you can’t make your avatar young or old, short or tall, fat or thin, or possess other external features like that. They’re irrelevant to understanding who you are on the inside, which is what Xapa is all about.

Most of us want the same things—to give and feel love and compassion, to be encouraged and championed, to be safe in our physical bodies and emotional souls, to convey pride in our accomplishments and confidence in ourselves—things that no one could know from outward appearances alone, in Xapa World or anywhere else. That’s why your avatar will be like, but not look like, you.


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