Q: What do I do in the app?

Xapa is about the joy of exploring lessons that lead to your own personal and professional enrichment. Though the number of unique-to-you paths through the game is bumping infinity, there are, broadly speaking, two ways to use Xapa.

One way is when your need is specific, or urgent, or both. Let’s say you’re having a here-it-comes-meltdown problem, right now. You’ve got what feels like a marginally manageable conflict with a dear friend or trusted colleague. Open Xapa (selfishly note your game progress) and take six minutes for the Get Curious Not Furious Xperience, by Dr Neha Sangwan. Teaching a surprisingly simple technique, Dr Neha can help you divert the adrenaline of your anger into an unexpected and often mind-bending learning experience.

The other way to play, not instead of but in addition to the first, is simply to play. Wander the world. Explore. Help others. Power-up your personal powers. You can’t go wrong. There’s more to discover than you’ll ever uncover.

As you explore your own personal Xapa experience, whether a serious gamer or a curious traveler, you’ll roam a literal world of wisdom as told through hundreds of storied Quests.

As the rewards grow greater, so do the challenges. Not the typical game challenge where you vanquish through brute strength or strategic cunning, but rather an internal challenge: Do you have the courage it takes to look inward? Can you become the very best version of yourself? Can you get filthy enriched™ across all eight facets of your life? Then take what you’ve learned to go even further and enrich the world?

Toward that end, there’s a company of characters in town that can help. You can’t escape Xapa World’s interesting population, a menagerie of characters—part toon, part animal, part machine—in whose fantastical faces you’re certain to see people you know very well, including perhaps (spoiler) yourself. As you play your way along, with or without a given character’s help, you level-up in the game. More to the point, you level-up your life skills, too.

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