Q: Why would I share my XIP code with someone?

Sharing XIP codes is an important way to unlock and deepen personal and professional relationships in Xapa World.

When someone reveals their XIP code to you—keep in mind that a XIP is not about where you are in the world, but who you are in your humanness—you’ll get XIP Tips tailored to that person. XIP Tips give you recommendations for how best to communicate, influence, appreciate, motivate and relate to that specific individual, based on how your XIP code and theirs match up.

Examples: Need to pitch an idea to your boss? Her XIP code will tell you whether to lead with data or vision. Need to motivate an employee or family member? His XIP code will help you understand what motivates him and, better yet, precisely how to show your appreciation afterwards. XIP codes even put the names of your colleague’s spouse and kids and pets, plus their hobbies and music and food preferences, right at your fingertips.

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