Q: Is Xapa social media?

No. But sorta.

We built Xapa to be everything but traditional, negative, algorithm-laced social media. Still, Xapa helps you deeply engage friends and colleagues in healthy, enriching, social ways. So in that sense, yes, Xapa has a social component.

Examples: You can create or join Xircles and interact in a modern feed. Your home’s TV screen gives you a consolidated Joy Feed filled with content to uplift and inspire you. You can also Xap people with positivity.

But unlike social media, provocative half-truths and hidden agendas that catastrophize news are not welcome in Xapa. You’re encouraged to post and comment, because we want our community to be supportive and constructive. It can be a place for civilized debate and discourse, but not hatred or vitriol.

TIme spent in Xapa makes you feel better about yourself and the world. Xapa actually, literally, makes you and the world better. Remember what Xapa means in Greek: Joy.

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